Website update, gamification system, and demo V1

Hello everyone, we hope you are doing great.
We have a lot of good news for you. We completely remade the website to make it look a bit nicer and to include more interactive functions.

You can now earn points by performing some actions on the site or buying presale packs (more ways to earn points such as a referral system are coming soon).
Points will allow you to get higher ranks which will give you more decision power in the game. At some point, you will be able to take part in votes on features for example and access to early previews of upcoming improvements to give an early opinion.

Points will also be able to be spent to buy exclusives NFTs for the game.

The first version of the demo is here!

don’t panic

We are very happy to present you the first version of the demo.
It is still a very early version of the prototype so do not expect too much in terms of features. For now, you can :
– Create and customize a character
– Chat with an NPC in an interactive FAQ

But more features are coming soon. In order :
– The skill selection system
– The overworld exploration
– The quest system, dungeon generator, and combat system

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