The team

Esteban “D” MichelDIY Addict

Game designer, Art director, CEO, COO, Lead programmer, Webmaster, Public relationship, Marketing team, Cleaning crew !!!
Life-long dreamer. Experienced player. Enthusiast programmer.
Founder of the Node Games Studio and creator of Dryland

The journey ahead

with my community at my side

Dryland is a solo indie dev project.
It is the fruit of a lifetime of playing games. Months of hard coding work and a couple month of discovering the world of blockchain gaming and Play-to-earn models.

Working alone is actually a benefit as it allows the project to always go the desire direction in tune with the community.
There are no waists on expensive salaries, as I do not really pay myself. Making games is totally a passion, and I am happy as long as I have a place to live, food ad an internet connection!

Most of the money made by the game is re-injected into the game in a form or another (getting higher quality graphical asset, improving the website, NFT art quality, spending more time making the game great, getting stable servers, feeding the in-game cryptocurrency for players to earn real money too, etc…).

Working on the Godot engine and with 2d graphics, the workflow is pretty fast and progress is being made daily. And of course, the game will build itself step by step, one feature at the time.

That being said, the team will probably grow up to include at least a community manager as the game grows up and eventually a graphic designer if I find the good person for it.
For the moment, I am very happy to be personally in touch with people reaching out to me and I will keep trying to do so as much as possible.
And for the art, I am also happy with what I have while the game is still being prototyping.

But, as I said before, the biggest part of the team are my players and I want to make sure to listen to their feedback as they experience the game to create all together the most enjoyable experience and sail toward the world of tomorrow : Play to earn models.

And living in a “Third World country”, I also fully understand how big this new market could be and how it could allow a huge part of the world population to get a very decent lifestyle out of playing games. So I am also invested into that game on a social and moral level.

Thanks for the support and feel free to reach out if you have more questions.
I am always trying to answer everyone as fast as possible.

It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done

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