The DRY token

Initial DRY sale

Get your DRys at floor price now

We are currently selling 5 000 000 DRY tokens on the Alcor exchange for 0.025 WAX per DRY.
Unless the game economy requires it, we will not sell DRYs again and we will let the players trade it among themselves.

You will need a wax wallet and WAX to buy our DRY token.

We now have our own cryptocurrency called DRY.

The DRY token will be earned while playing the game or traded on the Alcor exchange.

You will find many use cases for your DRYs inside the game, from building new ships or docks to hiring crew members, we are trying to make sure the token always has a functional value.

How to maintain a stable floor price?

The crypto world is still young and we are learning a lot from all the different other projects reaching the metaverse.
One of the main difficulties of crypto-games is to prevent its currency from totally losing its value.

The way we will try to work around that will be as follow :

When the price of the DRY token is low, we will create a buy order on the Alcor exchange at the floor price of $0.01 in WAX/DRY.
We will then remove that order as the price goes back up.

That way, we intend to try to keep the floor price of DRY to $0.01 but nothing will prevent the price to raise up if the demand increase.

This is also a way for the game to collect the DRY tokens to put them back into the reward pool to prevent it from drying out.

Keeping the game economy healthy :

Like every other play-to-earn game, we would love to create a more healthy economy and try to guaranty some interesting return on investment.

There are many ways to do that and the main one we seem to see around is to attract more and more player and hope for an unlimited growth until everything collapses when the growth stop…. very much the same weakness as Ponzi schemes.

And that is currently the main problem we all have to work on.

But as players, remember that we do not have the capacity to generate money from the void, that would be cool… but sadly we can only give back to players as much as we generate. So if we only rely on players to create the economy, there is no fair way to distribute earnings to all players, there will be some to lose for others to win.

External incomes :

Externals incomes will be a very important part of the game economy as it’s 100% revenue that we can distribute to players on top of what they inject themselves.
We currently have the following options in mind and will add more if needed :

  • Ads : If the game reach a point where external income is needed to keep up with the rewards, it will also mean that we have enough traffic to generate solid ad revenue. We strongly invite you to disable your adblocker when you visit play-to-earn games websites. In the name of the entire community, we thank you for that as it is the best way for us to increase your rewards for free.
    But keep in mind that we are gamers ourselves and we know the best trick for ads… because it work very well on us…

    You will often have the choice to watch ads to get in-game rewards.
    This could take many forms : getting something done faster, trying again to resolve an event, trying a wheel for an extra reward, things like that…

    So you will always get a fair reward for watching the ad, and the more ads being watch the more money into the reward pool 🙂
  • Investors : As the game grows and attract more players we anticipate to attract investors as well which will also give us more security for the reward pool.
Internal incomes :

Income from within the game will come from the players in various ways :

  • Sales of packs and items from the shop
  • VIP monthly membership (more details on that coming later)
  • Secondary marketplace : This is the bigger one as a big part of the play to earn economy of Dyland consist on acquiring items and resources that you will trade among each others on the marketplace. We all know how it works and some rare items can reach very expensive prices making the players who found them very happy and very rich.

    Our philosofy regarding that is that if you become rich with the game, the game should make a healthy profit as well and where most of the games seems to be happy with a small 5-10% fees, the Dryland collection will have 25% fee on it.

    That way the game gets wealthier if its community does and can then afford to keep up with the stable rewards such as expeditions.
We are not looking for much profits

I want to finish on a more personal touch: I come from very modest origins and am so used to be poor by now that I would not know what to do with huge amounts of money anyway. The purpose of Dryland is purely for me to have something to do with my days and try to provide a valid play to earn experience to the world.

So far my life did not had much impact on the world but when I see games like Axie infinity that already have changed the lives of so many people around the planet…
I cannot help to tell myself that it would be amazing to be in that position and offer people living in developing countries great earning possibilities.

Living in Guatemala, I am very aware that a few hundred dollars mean life on most of the planet.

My point is: we intend to invest 90% or more of the income generated by the game, in any way, back into the reward pool for players. We are extremely happy if we have enough for a roof, food, and the freedom to keep working on the game!


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