There are no such thing as promises

But we promise we do our very best 🙂

Please remind that making a video game is an expensive process and we are currently in need of funding so our ability to keep up with our planning largely depends on the success of our presale event.

We count on you to release this game as soon as we can!

Coding is also a complex process that can have unexpected problems and delays so keep in mind that all the dates of the roadmaps are only goals.


Q3 2021

Community and Fundraising

We are launching our community platforms with our website, a forum, and discord group so we can grow our online presence and start interacting with our audience.
In order to pay for the huge costs of the game and NFTs, we will also launch a fundraising NFT presale campaign.

Token launch

The Dry Token goes live on Alcor exchanges.
You can buy Drys for 0.025 Wax at this address :

The Dry token is the utility coin for the Dryland Game ecosystem. You will use your Drys in many various ways to play the game efficiently.

More info on this page :

Q4 2021
Q4 2021


During Q4, we aim to release a web-based game to introduce the expeditions mechanics. That way you will be able to play already and earn the precious DRY tokens.

Once the main game is released, the expeditions will be played in there and no more as a web game.

More information there :

Release of Closed Alpha

Early presale adopters will receive free access to the closed alpha.
If not all access has been sold, tickets will be available on the website.
The closed alpha will not have all functionalities implemented but will already allow you to start winning precious NFT items while helping us correct bugs and improve on the gameplay.

Q1 2022
Q3 2022

Open beta launch

By the end of September 2022, we want to open the game to an open beta test and see how the game handles the traffic.
We aim to have the in-game cryptocurrency launched as well.

Graphical update

If our fundraising is successful, we will have enough funds to hire dedicated artists to help us create our world.
That would lead to a huge graphical improvement and will give the game its personality.
We will be very attentive to the community regarding the kind of graphics you want us to look at and we will organize votes prior to any final decisions.

Q4 2022
Q1 2023

Launch of public release

Assuming the open beta hold the traffic and the game is stable and fun.
We will launch the public release and open the game for everyone.

That will also be the occasion for a special NFT packs sale and a big in-game event where lots of rewards will be obtainable.

First major update

By the end of summer 2023, we aim to release the first update that will add PVP arena battle, guilds, and piracy mechanics.

Q3 2023

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