The settlers way

500 Gold

If you are more interested in settling in one of the rare islands present on the ocean, you better offer yourself a safe way to do so and secure an equally rare island title that will allow you to claim an island without paying its costs.

Are you ready to build the nicest town to attract all the folks of the oceans?
With this pack, you will certainly have lots of resources and rare items to do so.

For every single “Settler pack” you buy on our official wax account ( drylandgame1 ), you will earn 500 points.

To get those points, simply send us an email with the date of your purchase, your wax wallet address, and your username on this website and we will grant you your points.

You can buy as many packs at once as you want, we will grant the points for each of them.

The process can take up to 48h.

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