Prototype V3 is out

The battlefield gets more intense :

Hello, fellow crewmates,
We are very happy to show you our new version of the Dryland prototype.

  • New monsters
  • New skills
  • Effects (poison and bleed)
  • Menus
  • achievements
  • etc…

We try our best to deliver a demo free of bugs but there will always be some that will remain unseen so please let us know if you experience any crashes or malfunctions while playing.

We are also very interested to know how you feel and if some features feel good or bad to you.

The same goes with the functionality you would like to see in the game, we are very open to suggestions.

You can download the demo there :

Have fun!

What is next ?

We are now working on the creation of our in-game token and the creation of a staking reward system for your dryland NFTs.

We are also working on new art for our NFT collection that should push us toward whitelisting and the possibility to create pack openers easily.

We will keep you informed as things move on.


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