Invest in dryland

In order to finance our game, we offer you to buy rare and powerfull in-game asset in the form of NFTS.
This is a way for us to raise enough fundings to keep working on the game.

Please remember that the game is on very early development phase and that it might take some time before your assets gain value or a usecase.

There were some issues while creating the pack and the settler pack has missing content.
Please contact us after you claimed your settler pack and we will send you the missing items right away.
Adventurer pack

1000 available – $30

A basic collection to help you start the adventure.
You will find gold and crafting resources so you can start working on building yourself a ship.

It also contains 1 regular and 1 super NFT asset packs giving you a small chance to get your hand on powerful mythical items.

You will not be the first one on the starting blocks, but you will still have a good headstart.

Content :
  • 5x Pile of gold
  • 1x Ropes Resource
  • 1x Nails Resource
  • 1x Wood Resource
  • 1x Metal Resource
  • 1x Regular NFT asset pack
  • 1x Super NFT asset pack
  • 1x Access to private Alpha test
Explorer pack

200 available – $200

If you don’t want to go through the long process of building a boat, this pack is made for you. On top of a large number of resources, you will also receive a boat title that you will be able to trade for a boat and start your journey.

It also contains 5 regular and 5 super NFT asset packs giving you a good chance to grab powerful mythical items.

There will be a few people ahead of you, but you will have the tools to catch on to them.

Content :
  • 10x Pile of gold
  • 5x Ropes Resource
  • 5x Nails Resource
  • 5x Wood Resource
  • 5x Metal Resource
  • 5x Regular NFT asset pack
  • 5x Super NFT asset pack
  • 3x Access to private Alpha test
  • 6 Boat title
Settler pack

Sold out – $500

If you think that fame is not enough and you aim to become a legend!

With a boat and an island title, allowing you to automatically win an auction on a newly discovered island, and with the vast amount of resources provided, you will be able to quickly start building up your town and start earning from it.

And with 10 regular and 10 super NFT asset packs, you are almost certain to get mythical items giving you rare magical powers!

Content :
  • 15x Pile of gold
  • 11x Ropes Resource
  • 11x Nails Resource
  • 11x Wood Resource
  • 11x Metal Resource
  • 10x Regular NFT asset pack
  • 10x Super NFT asset pack
  • 10x Access to private Alpha test
  • 6 Boat title
  • 6 Island title

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