Presale update and upcoming news

We want to start by sending our love and gratitude to all the people who bought some packs.
We are currently in personal contact with most of them, and we really enjoy how the community starts to build itself.
Half of the Heroic packs are gone, so we know we are not the only one excited to go sail the sea and start exploring those islands!

We are very happy to see that people are excited about the game as much as we are, so we decided to try to get to the next step :

The atomic hub whitelisting.

We are afraid that the quality of the art might not be high enough to get whitelisted but after talking with a few people, everyone seems to agree with us that in that case, art quality is not the most important since the NFTs merely represent an in-game asset and are not collectibles for say.

We started to communicate with the wax team and they answered that they first need to see more progress being done on the game but that we should be able to find a compromise for the art so it is great news!

Being whitelisted would allow us to use dedicated tools to build pack openers and create drops which would save us lots of time if we do not have to code our own tools.

We will let you know how the process goes as soon as we get some answers.

The demo is coming :

The first version of the demo is almost ready.
In it, you will be able to discover the character creation process and engage in an interactive FAQ 🙂

Until then,
We thank you all again and wish you a great day.

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