Presale Pack Opener is live!

It is time for some pack opening

We are now ready to open the presale packs and get ready for expeditions with your ship titles!
The rest of the items will mostly be useful in the main game. Except for gold which will be used in expeditions as well.

The 2 NFT packs (which you will get inside your presale packs) cannot be redeemed yet because I don’t have all the designs for the NFTs that will go inside yet. But that will come soon

Ok, that was for the good news…

… but of course, life wouldn’t be fun without some mess in it…
I messed up a bit the settler pack! (nothing too bad, you’ll see)

(for the back story, I created the pack in a live chat with a friend that will soon join the Dryland dev team full time so I was showing him a bit of a wax showcase…
… creating pack drop without whitelisting is very tedious because you have to put each roll individually…
… and the setter pack has close to 100 rolls…
… so yes…
… I messed up some… I was definitely not fully attentive ><)

But it’s actually mostly good for you so I decided to let it be like that: you have more resources, more beta keys, more ship, and land title….
But I also forgot the NFT packs inside >< (just realized that the next day while doing the other 2 packs) and you cannot edit a pack once completed…

So I have been giving it a lot of thinking and considering there is only 20 settler pack in circulation, we will do as follow:

– Once you have claimed a settler pack, send me a message (here, website, email, pigeon, whatever you want) with your wax wallet name and I will double-check it and send you the rest of the items (plus a bonus) right away –

I am so sorry for that but here is the downside of blockchain technology. Hard to fix mistakes !!!

And that will not happen again when we will be whitelisted since I will be able to use the Neftyblock UI to create packs, drops and everything!

The next step after whitelisting will be to acquire 45 000 $NEFTY to unlock LVL 3 VIP account and get all the cool features in Neftyblocks (blender ho my god !!!! ) and get some ad banner space

In the meantime, let’s open our packs at :

Love you all!


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