Phase 1 – Community and Fundings

Sail with us toward new horizons!

We are proud to announce that phase 1 of the Dryland launch is on.
The goal at the moment is to finish building up the website and launch the NFT presale. This should happen in the first half of June 2021.

Phase 1 is about making ourselves known to the public so we are soon going to launch our discord server start sharing the website address.

We are very excited to get in touch with our audience but we are also aware that it will require time, energy, and attention that for the moment we need to give to the game.

We are currently working on the first prototype demo that should come up in the coming month. We will also release some in-game footage of the prototype (but please keep in mind that the game is still at a very early stage of development so everything you will see will be greatly improved or even totally changed by the time the beta comes out).

We will give more information about the demo soon.

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