Information about the NFT presale

Note about the art

Our NFTs are not designed to be collectible art assets. They are designed to be burned in exchange for in-game items or resources.
For that reason, we did not spend much budget on our NFT art quality and we hope you will forgive that!

Help us reach our goals

As of right now, we are operating with an extremely low budget and need to get funded.
Instead of a regular crowdFunding campaign, we chose instead to do an NFT presale for the game so you can also benefit from helping us.
The success of that sale would ensure the release of the public beta and from there income should start flowing with players coming in.
In the meantime, we have lots of costs to cover and we will soon have to pay for server fees so you can all play together and explore the world of Dryland with your friends.

And profit from it

We do not intend to do many sales of in-game NFT. We hope this one will be the only one we have to do because we would like for most of the game blockchain items to be found in-game while playing instead of simply being purchased.

Also, some items (like the island titles) would be almost impossible to obtain in-game and will give you a great headstart.

Some items give you unique abilities or powerful advantage

Power items give you some magical powers in the game making you substantially more powerful than most other players. The only trick is to try to guess what kind of power you will get from it!
But remember that great powers come with great responsibility and power items users will play a central part role in the Dryland world.
And beware… Power items also have the capacity to consume those who do not treat them with respect…

Boat title allows you to quickly get your hands on a boat and start exploring the ocean in quest of an unexplored island. Regular players will have to grind their ways through a solid resource accumulation phase before being able to afford a boat.
With the boat title, you’ll get ahead of everyone and will be among the firsts ones to claim hidden treasures.

Island titles should be used wisely.
They give you the possibility to instantly win an auction over an island (islands are being placed on auction for all players after their discoveries have been reported in town).
1 island title allows you to claim a tiny, small, or medium island
2 titles will be needed for a large island
4 titles will be needed for a huge island

Special reward for our 25 first supporters

We have special gifts for the 25 first people to buy any of the pack.
Just contact us after you bought a pack and we will send your reward.

How to redeem your pack?

We are still considering the bests options for both you and us.
For the moment we are waiting to be whitelisted on the wax blockchain which should happen when the demo goes live and the new art for the pack is finished.

We plan for the pack opener to be ready in Q3 or Q4 of 2021.

Turn order will likely take place: first, heroic pack owners will have a couple of days of a headstart, then the Adventurers pack owners, and finally, everyone will have access.

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