Gamification upgrade and shop

Gamification improvements:

We are glad to announce that we have improved our gamification system. There are now more ways for you to collect gold and Crewcoins :
Referral system: You can create an invite link and share it with your friends. The first 30 people registering with your link will bring you 100 gold.
Dedication rewards: You will be rewarded if you log in (beware to log out and back in to make it count) to the website every day for 28 days.
Recurrent rewards: We offer you daily and monthly rewards
Leaderboard: To check who’s the whale!
Point shop: We invite people not to use it unless their primary intention is to help to fund the game. The price of the points is high for that purpose. Merely an entertaining way to support us financially.

We will keep adding more ways to earn Gold and Crewcoins as time pass.

The crowdfunding shop

You can now use your gold to buy exclusive NFTs or in-game rewards.

For the launch of the shop, we offer you a serie of uniques guardians for your island.
Each NFT will be a single mint.

You can buy them for 3000 Gold as a reward for your participation on the website or the presale

Or for $.3000 in the pure spirit of crowdfunding.
Please, only do that if your primary intention is to help funding the game and you can financially allow yourself to do so.
This price do not reflect the value of the card in game.

If you would like to buy something using cryptocurrencies, just contact us.

We will add more items to the shop over the coming months.

Island guardians

Discover 31 unique protector spirits

Get them in the shop.

Guardians will grant you blessings for your island.
You will be able to choose diverse bonuses such as loot, productivity, defense, etc..

Each guardian has a unique design but they are all equally powerful and will grant you the same options.

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