It’s time to sail the world and look for treasures

We are very excited to present to you our current work in progress: the expedition mode.

You will soon be able to get yourself a boat and send it into expeditions to start earning DRY tokens and NFT items for both the Dryland main game and the Expeditions.

We are still working on balancing all the mechanics so it is possible that we modify the information you find on this page

  1. Get your ship ready :
    1. There will be one main sale of ships coming soon.
    2. Find a dock for your boat : Each boat will require to be docked in an available free slot.
    3. Gather a crew and provisions : To increase your chances, you can assemble an optimal crew and be sure you have enough provisions for the trip.
  2. Choose your destination :
    1. There will be different level of difficulty for expeditions.
    2. Choosing higher difficulties will increase the complexity of the events you will face and the rewards you will earn.
    3. Normal expeditions can be entered freely but adventurous and heroic expeditions will require a map to be started. Maps can be found in expeditions or bought in the shop.
    4. All expeditions have a base duration of 7 days but your boat speed will influence that.
  3. Resolve events :
    1. Random events will happen once per day and you will have 24h (or less depending on your ship speed) to solve it.
    2. You will have some ways to influence the RNG to get more of your favorite events (with crew members, items, etc…)
    3. Each event will have several options leading to different outcomes.
    4. There are 3 outcomes for an event : positive, neutral and negative.
    5. Lots of thing could happen from an event : damage your boat, find NFT, fix your boat, damage your boat, find crewmember, loose crewmember, etc….
  4. Claim rewards :
    1. If you reach the end of the expedition without having your ship life dropped to 0, you win and you can claim your rewards.
    2. Each expedtion will have a base reward in DRY token and you will get modifiers depending on the events you faced, your crewmbers, ship, etc…
    3. If your ship life drop to 0 during the expedition, it will come back as damaged, will be locked until you repair it and you will get no rewards. Boats can also be destroyed if their life drop to -100 (except if they are ships bought during the main sale).
The Ship main sail !

(pun intended!)

This will be the only time we will ever sell boats hopefully. After that, ships will be built and traded by players.

Each ship is composed of six parts: The hull, The mainsail, the second sail, the cabin, the canons, and props.
Each part belongs to one of the six families you will discover below.
Ships will have stats that will influence your chances to resolve events during expeditions. The final stats of the ship are defined by the combination of parts your ship is made of.

During the main sale, your boat will be assembled randomly. Each part is rolled individually :
– Merchant, pirates, and Navy: Common (70 % chance)
– Nordics: Rare (24.5 % chance)
– Draconiens: Legendary (5% chance)
– Ghost ship: Mythical (0.5 %)

Having pieces of a matching family will make your ship more specialized and will unlock bonuses but mixing parts can create a wide range of templates for you to play around with.

After all the boats of the main sale are sold, we will open the Goblin’s shipyard where you will be able to create new ships using the blueprints of the parts you already own. More information will come on that into a dedicated page soon.

Ships bought during the main sale are indestructible and will only be damage at worst.
Ships built in-game will be destructible under certain circumstances.

There will be 50 000 boats available during the main sale at a $50 price.

The revenue for that sale will be split as follows:
– 20 % for the studio, to keep on with increasing art cost as we try to improve on that side. Having a bigger budget will allow us to get higher quality and more matching art. And of course to keep on developing the game and eating sometimes 🙂
– 60 % will go to our reward pool mechanism*
– 20 % will go to the liquidity pool to make the DRY token more stable*
* those 2 numbers might get adjusted to find the correct balance for the liquidity and reward pool, but they will share 80% of the sale revenue.

The Merchants

Crossing the sea looking for new trade routes and profitable deals.
Merchants are very appreciated on the sea as they usually provide the best access to information and essentials goods.
But being better negotiators than fighters, they are also the favorite prey for Pirates.
On the good side, they also have the full protection of the Navy.

Ship stats bonus :

Negotiation, Defense, Storage, Moral, Dodging, Medicine

Events influence :

– Attract pirates attack
– Increase chances of navy rescue
– Loose moral when failing at Negotiating

Reward bonus :

– Increase DRY token rewards

Extra bonus :

– Negotiating bonus for each merchant part on a ship

The Pirates

Scums of the seas, Pirates suffers from the worst reputation out there.
And the reason is simple, despite a few pirate crews that dedicate themselves to help those in need, the vast majority of them are groups of bandits and misfits just preying on weak targets to make a quick profit… usually spent the next week on rum and celebrations.

The Navy is constantly looking to take down pirates and pirates also tend to fight among each other.
Due to their lifestyles, Pirates are proficients at attacking merchants and ransacking tribes and villages.

Ship stats bonus :

Attack, Speed, Discretion, Intimidate, Ransack, Repair

Events influence :

– Attract Navy attack
– Increase chances of attack events
– Loose moral when failing at attacking

Reward bonus :

– Increase NFT items rewards

Extra bonus :

– Attack bonus for each Pirate part on a ship

The Navy

Here to serve and protect, the Navy has the best training out there.
Financed by governments to try to secure the seas and its numerous trade routes.
But oceans are vast and pirates know how to sail discreetly so the task seems infinite but day after day they persist on their task.
Finding the best rewards in the smile of freshly rescued civilians, the Navy takes its reputation very seriously.

Ship stats bonus :

Attack, Defense, Detection, Morale, Medicine, Repair

Events influence :

– Attract rescue events
– Reduce chances of pirates attacks
– Loose moral when failing at rescuing

Reward bonus :

– Increase FAME rewards

Extra bonus :

– Detection bonus for each Navy part on a ship

The Nordics

Legendary sailors. nordic tribes have become experts in the art of sailing and exploring.
Nordics are pretty neutral with foreign affairs and mostly try to keep to themselves.
Among the Nordics crews, we find both cruel captains living to seek undefended settlements to ransack and friendly captains looking for trading opportunities and exploration.
They possess ship-building skills that most foreigners envy and those are kept as secret as possible but with the time passing we can start to more and more foreign boats using nordic technology.

Ship stats bonus :

Speed, Defense, Exploration, Morale, Ransack, Repair

Events influence :

– Attract exploration, ransacking, and trading events
– Reduce chances of natural disasters
– Loose moral when failing at escaping natural disasters

Reward bonus :

– Increase FAME and DRY token rewards

Extra bonus :

– Morale bonus for each nordic part on a ship

The Draconiens

Long thought to be a lost race, Draconiens have survived on a hidden island,
and the last remnants of their civilization now live there, slowly going toward extinction.
Because of their cursed fate, some draconiens created ships to sail the world in search of other survivors or a new place in society.
Draconien ships are infused with magic and outpass any human-made technology making them very praised on the black market.

Draconiens are protected by the world government so the Navy will help them if needed and merchants are open to trade with them but they are also very attractive to pirates for the rarity of their boat parts. Because of that, Draconiens now specialize in avoiding Pirates.

Ship stats bonus :

Speed, Discretion, Storage, Morale, Dodging, Repair

Events influence :

– Attract exploration events
– Reduce chances of pirate attacks
– Loose moral when failing at exploration events

Reward bonus :

– Increase CREW encounters, FAME, and DRY token rewards

Extra bonus :

– Morale and luck bonus for each Draconien part on a ship

The Ghost ships

Some say they are the stuff of legends and fables… others swear they saw entire ghost ships sailing out there, crossing the waves as they had no effect on it…
Materialized into the world by the usage of strong and forgotten magic only mastered by ancient races,
ghost ships are the biggest threat you can encounter out there.
Barely affected by reality, ghost ships sails without too much risk of anything happening to them even so it is said that governments are working on new technology to try to fight them but that might only be a rumor to prevent crews to instantly lose hope when a phantasmagoric black sail shows up on the horizon…

Ship stats bonus :

Speed, Discretion, Attack, Morale, Intimidate, Exploring

Events influence :

– Attract attacks events
– Reduce chances of pirate attacks
– Loose moral when failing at attacks events

Reward bonus :

– Increase CREW encounters, NFT items, FAME, and DRY token rewards

Extra bonus :

– Morale, Speed, and Luck bonus for each ghost part on a ship

The Docks

If you own a boat, you know the importance… and the cost… of a safe place to park it and fix it if needed.

To be able to send your ship into an expedition, you will have to attach it to a dock slot.
The slot will remain used even when the boat is engaged in an expedition.

Docks will be an NFT item purchasable in the game shop for 10 000 DRY tokens ($100 at DRY floor price).

Each dock provides 10 slots that you can either use for yourself or rent to other players, for free or the price of your choice.
As the dock owner, you can set a tax on the slots you rent so you keep your share of the treasures gathered by those who enjoy your infrastructure.

We are excited to see what kind of economy will emerge from that system and we will for sure adapt it down the road to find the fairest balance and accessibility to players.
The game will probably offer free slots with a high tax fee as a permanent last option and will release more docks progressively as the game grows bigger.

The initial amount will be 5000 docks available.


… the only reason for walking into the jaws of Death is so’s you can steal His gold teeth. 

Terry Pratchett
The road to glory is full of ambush :

Events will come in a diverse form and we will add more as the game grows. All events will have a type like “pirate attack”, “natural disaster”, “Exploration”, “Ransacking”, etc…
Inside those types, you will encounter from easy to epic threats and will have to choose how to face them.

You will be offered 3 choices that can be influenced by many things like your ship stats, your crew members, items, etc…

If you face an enemy much weaker than you, you will have for example the option the let it go and ignore it, but if the enemy is stronger than you and attacking, you might not have the possibility to flee and will have to fight.

High risks, high rewards

When you choose the expedition and its difficulty you greatly change the odds of facing harder events.
But of course, harder events will give you the opportunity at much better rewards.

Each event will influence your final reward pool. Adding items into it (some events may add a crew member or an item or a ship title, etc…) and influencing the odds for rarity (during the final reward calculation, each reward you get is processed individually using your final rarity odds).

For example, succeeding on a very hard event might add a crew member and DRY tokens to the pool, reduce the chances for common and rare, and increasing the chances for epic and legendary.
Failing at the same event will add nothing to the reward pool and reduce the odds for epic and legendary while increasing the chances of normal and rare.

Find your way :

Each boat can be very different depending on how it is customized and every captain has its own style so you will be able to influence the type of events that comes to you.

Boat families, crew members, abilities, items, etc… will influence the event types.
And when you configure your expedition, you will be able to choose the types of events you are looking for and the ones you try to avoid.

When the game picks an event for you, it first determines how lucky you are and based on that will give you more or less what you want.

Failure is a part of life :

Even if nobody likes it… you can’t always win and there will be times you end up facing impossible challenges for your boat and crew.

That is part of the risks of going to sea.

Failing at events can have various effects like damaging your ship, removing reards from your pool, killing crew members, etc…

Boats that have been bought during the sale will at worst come back damaged and empty from an expedition and will have to be fixed before they can sail again.
Ships built in-game will do the same if their life drops to 0 but if it falls to -100 then they will be permanently destroyed.


After 24h by default, an event will auto-resolve itself if you forget to do it yourself.
The auto-resolve will try to pick the most neutral choices for you (avoid the event if possible, and safest choice if not) but the AI will never be as smart as you to make wise decisions so we suggest you take care of your crew each they while they are on expeditions.

Solving events should only take a few minutes.


We are very excited to launch this game and we will be part of the people buying a couple of boats at launch (yes, we buy our own products… RNG addiction I guess…), but if you are wondering why here are the main reasons :

We want you to start being able to play and earn :

While the development of the main game takes its time, we understand that the people involved in the project would like to have something to do already and who doesn’t want to earn while playing… So we worked on that idea to bring to you a part of the main game in the form of a web-based mini-game.
That way you can start having fun inside the Dryland universe and earn some precious DRY tokens and other NFTs.

We need to get more familiar with the wax blockchain :

Programming for a website and coding a game are two very different experiences… and when you are used to game development, making web apps is very frustrating due to its inherent lack of flexibility (websites run into a totally insane range of devices so it needs a code that runs everywhere and that is really nuts to think about..).
On the other side, tools to communicate with blockchains are for the moment mostly available as web app libraries. This is why the large majority of NFT games out there are web-based games.

For Dryland, we will work out a simple solution: the website will act as a bridge between the game and the wax blockchain. So from there, you will be able to move your items out of the game if you want to trade them on marketplaces or vice versa, to use in-game your freshly bought gear.

This expedition game is a fun and practical way for us to learn those libraries that we will need anyway.

We need to make it anyway :

This expedition concept was always a big part of the Dryland main game loop so we are not really adding more content.

While being less fun and animated as it will be on the final game, the core mechanics will be the same so all the work we put into Expeditions is nothing extra. We just do it much earlier than planned to have at least this function available until the beta is released.


And of course, the best part is that you will earn while playing this game. But let’s take a quick look at the reward mechanics.
We will create soon a dedicated page on the reward mechanics and ROI soon with more details.

Normal expedition :
– 500 DRY
– adventure map – low chances
– crew members (common – rare) – low chances
– items (common – rare) – low chances

Adventurous expedition :
– 1000 DRY
– adventure map – good chances
– heroic map – low chances
– crewmembers (uncommon- legendary) – low chances
– items (uncommon- legendary) – low chances
– boat titles – very low chances

Heroic expedition :
– 2000 DRY
– adventure map – very good chances
– heroic map – good chances
– crewmembers (rare- mythical) – low chances
– items (rare- mythical) – low chances
– boat titles – low chances
– island titles – very low chances

Those are the base rewards for each expedition. But they will change depending on your success/failures in events.

In-game shop

The in-game shop will be here for you to spend some of those DRY tokens you earn in a constructive way.

The only available items at launch will be the docks and the maps to start expeditions but we will soon start adding other options like provisions, crew members, equipment, etc

Items will of course influence the outcome of your expeditions.
Some will be consumed and others are permanent.
All of them will be tradable NFTs.

The FAME system :

Depending on how much FAME you have acquired during your adventures, the shop will give you special prices and access to more content and free rewards.

Special families items:

Each boat family will have a dedicated page on the shop to buy dedicated crew members and gears.
To access those pages, you will have to own at least one complete boat (all 6 parts matching the same family), and items bought there can only be used on a complete boat of their respective family.

Those items will be more powerful than regular ones and more specialized.
Pirates will for example have items made for attacking and discretion.

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