DRY token and Expeditions

The DRY token :

We are very proud to say that we now have our own cryptocurrency live on the Alcor exchange.

We have an initial sale of 5 000 000 DRY tokens going on, now is the time to get your DRY at floor price 🙂

Expeditions are coming :

We have been recently working a lot on a “side-project” to allow you to start to play the game and earn some DRY tokens.

Dryland Expeditions will be presented as a web-based game until the release of the main game, then the core mechanics will be integrated into the game and made a bit more fun and animated 🙂

This is also a great way for us to learn to code smart contracts on the wax blockchain but it also involves learning a bit more web development than I would like so it takes a bit of time and this is also why there wasn’t so much news recently.

But fear not, work is in progress and September should be a big month for us!

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