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It’s content creation time!

As we get closer to the launch of the Expedition mini-game, we also make another step into decentralized and community-owned video games.
I will never repeat enough how much I love when the community actively takes part in the creation of the game. I think it brings the most awesome games and also creates a strong feeling of ownership.

Thanks to blockchain technology, we now have new ways to explore that and even make it profitable for content creators.

This is why I took a few days to build this Mod Tool: the Dryland Event Generator.

First, it will make my life a bit easier… but mostly, it now means that anyone should be able to create pretty complex events stories without too much confusion.
I tried to put as many failsafe and explanations as I could think about but feel free to let me know if you want modifications to be made to it.

I am designing a system where the content creators will benefit from their event :

  • CREW token holders will be able to vote and validated pending events.
  • Once approved, an NFT will be issued to its creator to prove the ownership of the event.
  • That NFT can be sold in secondary market to transfer that ownership
  • While playing the expedition game, players will get to rate the event they played on diverse criteria (fun, fairness, difficulty, etc…).
  • Based on the ratings the event get, the owner of the ownership NFT will receive CREW token rewards

We will release more information on that when it is fully designed.

In the meantime, for those of you who like writing stories, please, knock yourselves up and amaze me with your imagination!!!

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