Discover all of our ships

In order to keep you waiting with your belly full… we offer you a ship generator where you can experiment with the different families’ designs to create the coolest looking boat.

You will also see the stats that the ship with those parts will have. Stats are relevant to solving events during expeditions. Some like SPEED directly influence the expeditions’ core parameters as well.

The rarer the parts, the higher the stats!

If you want to randomly generate the ships using the same odds that the smart contract will, you can activate the option “Real Odds”.
(Beware, This is still a prototype so the % chances might change a little bit by the time we release it. But not much. And we will change the generator data to fit the real ones when they are live 🙂 ).

If you see any problem with one of the designs of the ships (if parts don’t assemble correctly, please send us a message with the ship ID )

Regarding the ship Id, this is temporary and we are working on a fun way to name each ship.


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