Demo V2 and website upgrade

It has been a very intense month and lots of work has been done.
We are moving closer toward whitelisting and new art for the NFT packs is on the way.
But the 2 biggest news of the week are :

Demo V2

Discover the battle system

We are proud to release the new update of the demo bringing to you the first version of the battle screen.

You can now choose your skills, recruit mercenaries and try to defeat a monster.

We have corrected all known problems at the moment but you will likely encounter crashes or bugs.
Don’t forget this is only the prototype still 🙂

We hope you enjoy it and have some fun.
Join our discord to give us your feedback

Website upgrade

We had lots of problems with the website and after a couple of weeks of trying to solve them unsuccessfully with our host provider, we decided to upgrade our plan and change our host. We now have a much faster and secure server.
But we also had to remake the website entirely from 0 and that was a lot of time lost but we learn from our failures and now have a strong backup system in place so that should never happen again.

We apologize for the trouble it has created and we will grant 1000 gold to every member to reward them for their patience and support.

The gamification is fully in place and you can earn gold in many ways and spend it at the shop to get exclusive NFTs.
Some reward mechanics are hidden 🙂

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