Demo prototype V4

The world gets much bigger :

Hello, fellow crewmates,
As usual, we are very proud to present the new version of the Dryland prototype.

  • World map is open
  • Procedural dungeon generator functionnal for forests
  • 2 small quests are available
  • You can even test the ship navigation (super early protoype)
  • couple new achievements
Discover a big open world

We try our best to deliver a demo free of bugs but there will always be some that will remain unseen so please let us know if you experience any crashes or malfunctions while playing.

We are also very interested to know how you feel and if some features feel good or bad to you.

The same goes with the functionality you would like to see in the game, we are very open to suggestions.

You can download the demo there :

Have fun!

What is next?

Most of our focus is now on the launch of the Dryland Expedition website. We worked on the main game mostly because our internet connection was a bit off the last few weeks.

We are now close to releasing the ship claiming functionalities and we aim to have the first expeditions launched by December 1st, 2021.

Stay tuned for more information.


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