Delayed but alive!

September has been a hell of a ride!!!

First, I want to personally apologize for the delay the project has taken.

I have been very sick this month. No COVID for me but a nasty intestinal infection followed by wisdom tooth extraction and flue ><
The stars have aligned to make me pay some karmic bill or something 🙂

I am much better now but I was extremely tired and inefficient this month so the project hasn’t moved as I planned.

I modified the Roadmap to reflect that and I am now back at work.

On the good side :

Everything wasn’t lost and I have been mostly working with artists to make the art of the game in a 100% custom style so we can get the holly mighty whitelisting on atomichub.

All packs design are done and we are currently waiting for the first set of icons. When those are done, the pack opening will go live. Probably in a week or two.

About the expedition game :

Currently, I am able to interact with the blockchain to read and retrieve the player inventory so that is very good.

And now trying to sort out how to mint nfts from within the game so I can work on a way for you guys to claim your randomized boats. When I figure that out, the rest will move much faster.

The boat’s design is almost finished and I am working on the randomizer and try to make sure every combination of parts looks ok (that is over 50 000 combinations so its a bit tedious but also very fun to look at all the possible looks for the boats)

Potential investors and partners :

And another note, I am in contact with potential early investors so that is very good news. Having some money flow would allow us to get a VIP account on neftyblock for example and get access to fun features such as NFT blenders (which I am sure I will find some very fun ways to use…. like crafting a full ship from parts you harvest during ship fights…)

I am also helping with a really nice upcoming project in India. They have lots of high connections to Gurus and Ashrams and they aim to make cryptos and nfts accessible to Indians folks (and not just the wealthy ones, but mostly the poor people) to keep it very simple.

So I help them to develop their website where local Indians could mint nfts in a few clicks and have their own inside marketplace and currencies.

That definitely takes some time out from the development of Dryland but what I do there is the same thing I need to learn for Dryland Exepeditions (like minting NFTs from the website) and it will also be much more beneficial in the long run.

First by having solid and wealthy partnerships.
Secondly, because it will give a big promotion for Dryland and my favorite… it will mean that you guys will have ways to use your DRY token in-game to have real-life effects in India.

For example by having a special Island in-game where all benefits made by the players there would be redistributed into charity projects or ecological projects, probably with the players choosing which project he wants to support.

I am not sure yet how that will materialize but I really like the idea of teaming my game with an eco-friendly and humanitarian project. This is the main reason I choose WAX after all 🙂

Thanks for your trust and patience 🙂

This is the reason I am not advertising Dryland for the moment as I cannot make any promises regarding the roadmap. So I wait to have a functional product before advertising for real.

If somehow you are reading this, it means that you are part of my small happy crew which I love very much, you guys are awesome and your support means a lot to me. And don’t worry, I will keep Airdropping you stuff here and there when I feel I am slacking ><… and by the time promo start and people realize this game exist you will already own all the island guardians 🙂 so congrats on that

If you read that and arn’t part of the crew yet, I invite you to join us on discord, we have a very chill group so far and you are most welcome to join.


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