Role-playing game

Role-playing games have been a major influence in our lives so Dryland offers different ways to evolve your character
and its role in the universe.

You will have to decide if you want to live on a small island as a farmer and make your way selling resources
or become an outlaw and take by strength what you desire unless you feel more like
a bounty hunter tracking down pirates…

Or maybe your ambitions are bigger and you want to own a large island and take political actions
that will orientate the fate of the game.

But maybe you prefer the exciting explorer life, dedicated to pushing further the boundaries of the known ocean.

The choices are yours…

The adventure awaits!

Turn-based combats

We are big fans of strategy and we always feel that live actions games take out some of it
so we fully embrace the concept of turn-based combats.

In Dryland, you will have to take lots of strategic decisions starting with the skills that you will be using.
You will be able to collect and learn many different skills but will only be allowed
to take a certain amount with you during adventures.

On time you will discover powerful combos and will have to adapt depending on your destination and targets.

You will also be able to collect lots of equipment with diverse effects to back up your strategy.

But be careful to use your action points wisely…

And to make sure you don’t get bored, we use procedural generation to create our adventures and quests
so you will always get some kind of new experience each time.

Play alone or with your friends

We want to offer a game that can be both played alone or in a group.

For the moment, Dryland offers only solo adventures but cooperative missions and raids will come up soon.

But even if you are doing your missions by yourself, the world is a multiplayer one and players’ decisions will impact
each other and will influence the world ecosystem.

Most of the highest-end achievements (building high tiers boats or cities) would be hardly reachable for solo players
and will require the combined efforts of many players, very likely united as a guild.


The world of Dryland is a merciless one and death is at every corner and is permanent
unless you possess a skill or item preventing it.

In case of death, your non-nft possessions will be lost to you, but available for
other players to loot if they get into your stash first!

Most of your NFT assets are bounded to your soul so you will have them with you when you restart.
You will also get back some of your skill experiences passing down your reincarnation line.

But be careful, even the most powerful NFT items can be lost in death
so always make sure to carry a resurrection stone with you…

If you survive your quests and adventures, DO NOT FORGET TO FIND SHELTER BEFORE MIDNIGHT!

Every day at midnight UTC, the world of Dryland is under attack by terrible evil forces, and being outside most certainly means death.

Players will have to find shelter before the countdown is reset every day. A boat in the ocean will face sea monsters
and better be heavily prepared for them.

So it will be a vital part of the players’ expansion to build safe harbors on the way so they can find a safe refuge
when the night is the darkest…

But the bigger the settlements, the larger the attack will be so never forget to reinforce those walls
as the town population increase or the city might fall to the deads!


We also believe that players should be able to build up the world they are playing in and
Dryland is built around that idea.

So apart from the main continent, the rest of the world will be owned and managed by the players.

After islands have been discovered and cleaned up from their monsters and dangers, players will be able to bid on
an auction to buy the island.

The process is as follows: A player discovers a new island and goes register it in the capital to the naval officer against a discovery reward. Once the island is safe, the auction will go live for a couple of days. The best bid will win the island.

Once you won an island you can start building on it. Depending on the size of the island, you will have a
different types and quantities of available constructions.

From a peaceful farmer cabin on a tiny island living from selling food rations to travelers to a big city hub
on a large island where players can take shelter and buy resources.

By building a marketplace, for example, you provide players a place to exchange their goods, maybe at a better rate
then in the capital or maybe you are far enough so players don’t mind the extra fees
if they don’t have to travel so far away.

Whether it is from the inn where players pay to rest, from the marketplace, or any activity in town, as the city owner
you will collect a percentage of every transaction.

The more attractive and famous your town will get, the more profit you will generate.

But a wealthy town will attract pirates so make sure you do not forget to have it well defended!

Craft and economy

In Dryland. economy and crafting are two of the most central part of the game.

All resources of the game will have to be collected by the players and traded among them creating many
opportunities for trading and crafting game styles.

Resources will be needed to build boats and settlements.
Boats will be needed by any player wishing to leave the main continent. And if a small basic raft can be done by a single player, the bigger and more powerful boats will require the coordination of several players to complete.

Colonizing islands and building settlements is another big aspect of the game and will require lots of resources as well.

The game will offer decentralized marketplaces. Some are located in the main content but the other ones will have to be
built by players inside their settlements.

Where will the goods be mostly sold, that will be up to the players to decide!


Whenever you will get your first boat, a vast new world will open in front of you.

Those are uncharted territories and players will have to discover them. Since the game offers no synchronized world map,
you will be able to create and sell maps to other players… or keep your newly discovered paradise island a secret
until you scavenged all of its treasures.

But be careful not to go too far…

The game has a moral system that is spent to travel by boat. If your morale gets to 0, your boat is stuck
and randomized bad events will happen to your crew.

The morale is replenished every day at midnight UTC or by the use of skills and items. The total quantity of moral largely depends
on your boat type, your crew members, and your stock of rations.

You will be able to discover and recruit crew members to equip in your ship to unlock different capacities and
face all the challenges Dryland has for you!

Play to earn

We are convinced that play to earn models are the future of gaming so we are doing our best to provide the best
experience possible.

There will be several ways to earn from playing Dryland :

1) Doing quests and adventures to loot powerful NFT items
that you will be able to trade on the wax marketplace for real money.

2) Own an island and build it up so it attracts players and benefits from every transaction made
in the town, whether it is from in-game gold or cryptocurrency.
There will be 1000 islands available to colonize but only a few huge islands hold the maximum building and growth potential.

3) In-game gold will still have value and will have an official conversion rate to real money.
Gold will be able to be minted as an NFT item and sold as well.

4) Many powerful NFT such as boats can be crafted so your resources and gold will have a real use case.

5) There will also be an in-game token implemented as soon as the fundraising is completed.
Tokens will be earned in a diverse way (selling back resources at the main capital, placing a bet
on PVP arena battles or fulfilling daily quests).
More information will be published when the full system will de be designed.

Free to play

We want our game to be available to everyone so it will be free to play.
But of course, you have to understand that if you can earn money from a game, the money has to come from somewhere!
When we will be happy with the game, we will also start working on a cosmetic shop with premium boats
and buildings skins (with no additional advantages)

“In order to leave the main continent, the player will need to own a Soul Shard.”

The main continent is a large place where you will get plenty of opportunities to quest and play the game.
But the main earning opportunities lie in the ocean.

To be able to leave the main continent, you will need to own a Soul Shard that you will be able to buy on our website.

Since the soul shard is an NFT, you will be able to resell them for in-game gold.
Our goal with that is to allow players with a large budget to quickly make gold and for players with a low budget to be able to fully experience the game only via playing the game.

The other goal is to set a real money/in-game gold fixed conversion rate.

You will also earn cumulative bonuses for each day you own a soul shard.

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